What we offer!

  • Hands-on training
  • Job offer to selected interns
  • Study materials and tools are provided
  • Mentoring of faculties with expertise
  • Lecture, Discussions and Assignments
  • KTU points awarded: 20
  • Live Doubt Discussion During Internship Days

Program Details

  • Total hours of program: 20 hours of content!
  • This program is divided into lectures, discussions, assignments and tasks
  • Pre- recorded videos(of 6-7 hours) will be provided
  • You can study with videos in these 5 days
  • After each session, assignment will be given
    (Method to submit them will be told to you then)
  • You can also demand video conferences, if necessary

Certificate of Completion

After completing this course, your certificates will be provided

  • Criteria to be completed to get the certificate is, 80% completion of video lectures
    (Even if you could not complete assignments due to any reason)
  • The attendees , on successful completion of the course would be provided with the valued certificate from Enfono Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It will be serial numbered and emblazoned with licensed institutional logos.

  • Authenticity of the certificate can be verified by typing the serial number code (given in the bottom section of the certificate) in the URL.

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